Tentacle Shield

for Arduino and Atlas Scientific devices

With the tentacle shield you can connect and individually isolate 4 sensor circuits from Atlas Scientific to measure PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electric Conductivity (E.C.) and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) with your Arduino.

Open source technology for managed ecosystems

aquariums, aquacultures, hydroponics, indoor gardens, urban farms - Whitebox Labs


open controller for managed ecosystems

  • openoctopus_comingsoon
  • ooctopus_reef

    Remote control your reef aquarium

  • ooctopus_ponics

    Manage your aquaponic / hydroponic system

  • ooctopus_aquarium

    Monitor your planted aquarium

The ooctopus (open octopus) is a device to monitor and control artificial biospheres and managed ecosystems, microhabitats with animals and/or plants. Ooctopus comes with presets for many types of these controlled micro-climate environments, but it can adapt to a wide variety of use cases due to its open architecture and compatibility with many existing controllers, sensors and modules.

Monitor and control your reef or fresh water aquarium, terrarium, insectarium, formicarium, paludarium, and more.

Measure and influence the climate and nutrition solution for your plants and/or animals in your hydroponics, aeroponics or aquaponics setup.

You’re brewing your own beer? Or do you want your herbs to be cured with special humidity cycles? You need more control over your urban farm? You want to create special light cycles and zones over your reef but every lamp comes with its own incompatible software? Ooctopus might be perfect for you.

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