Whitebox T1 for Arduino

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An Arduino shield to host and individually isolate up to 9 EZO devices from Atlas Scientific to measure PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electric Conductivity (E.C.) and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and many more.

Atlas Scientific EZO devices are not included.

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  • connect up to 9 Atlas Scientific EZO devices
  • 4 isolated ports for Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits (pH, ORP, EC, DO, RTD)
  • 1 non-isolated port for Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits (RTD)
  • the isolators and EZOs can be completely disabled by GPIO for low power applications
  • 5x SMA connector
  • 4 ports for Atlas Scientific EZO Data devices (Peristaltic, pressure, colour, CO2, O2) and 3rd-party devices, e.g. Catnip Soil Moisture sensor
  • the ALM pins of EZO Data are exposed near the Arduino GPIO pins for custom wiring
  • External power option with Micro USB B connector
  • 3.3V and 5V Arduino compatible

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