Whitebox T1 for Arduino

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The new Whitebox T1 MkII will be available in April June 2021

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The classic Tentacle T1 has been hosting EZO circuits for 6 years – used by makers and professional engineers. By start-ups, universities and space agencies. In breweries and chemical labs. It has been sent to the Swiss alps and the deepest oceans. It helps to manage aquariums and fish farms. It has been built into bio-reactors and lab equipment.

The Whitebox T1 MkII for Arduino brings many new features to the T1 – allowing even a wider range of use-cases.

Updates coming to the T1

  • connect up to 9 Atlas Scientific EZO devices
  • 4 isolated ports for Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits (pH, ORP, EC, DO, RTD)
    • the isolators and EZOs can be completely disabled by GPIO for low power applications
  • 1 non-isolated port for Atlas Scientific EZO Circuits (RTD)
  • 5x SMA connector
  • 4 ports for Atlas Scientific EZO Data devices (Peristaltic, pressure, colour, CO2, O2) and 3rd-party devices, e.g. Catnip Soil Moisture sensor
    • the AUX and INT pins of EZO Data are exposed near the Arduino GPIO pins for custom wiring
  • External power option with Micro USB B connector
    • with a switch to select external or Arduino power
  • 3.3V and 5V Arduino compatible


  • coming June 2021

Example Code

  • coming June 2021

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Dimensions 15.5 × 9 × 3.8 cm

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