EZO™ pH Circuit (RETIRED)

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Although it is a common measurement, accurately reading pH is very difficult. Atlas Scientific’s EZO-pH circuit gives engineers the ability to read pH with the same accuracy and capabilities that were traditionally only found in expensive bench-top meters.

With an easy to use data protocol, simple command structure, and an easy to read datasheet engineers of any skill level will be able to add high accuracy pH readings to their next project quickly.

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Reads: pH
Range:  .001 − 14.000
Resolution:  .001
Accuracy:  +/– 0.002
Response time:  1 reading per sec
Supported probes:  Any type & brand
Calibration : 1, 2, 3 point
Temp. compensation:  Yes
Data protocol:  UART & I2C
Default I2C address:  99 (0x63)
Operating voltage: 3.3V − 5V
Data format:  ASCII
Circuit dimensions:  13.97mm x 20.16mm (0.55″ x 0.79″)
Weight: 1.76 grams

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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 cm

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