I2C Toggler Documentation

What’s the I2C Toggler?

The I2C Toggler is used to switch between the bus types of EZO Circuits. Most EZO Circuits by Atlas Scientific can be toggled between UART and I2C. There are multiple ways to switch bus types (also see: Switch to I2C) , but the easiest is to use the I2C Toggler.

How to use the I2C Toggler?

This process will toggle the bus type of an EZO circuit between UART and I2C. Repeating the process will toggle the bus type back.

  1. Select your circuit type using the switch on the I2C Toggler. Either RTD, or pH/ORP/EC/DO
  2. Plug in the your EZO circuit and take special care about the polarity of the circuit.
  3. Power up the I2C Toggler. The easiest way to do so, is to plug it into an USB port. Polarity of the USB does not matter, the toggler can be plugged into USB in any orientation.
  4. Press the button and hold it, until the complete toggle cycle is completed (approximately 2 seconds):
    1. The EZO Circuit will power up, and the LED will cycle through different colors
    2. The LED will go off for a brief moment
    3. The LED will light up in the colour of the old bus type (blue if I2C, green if UART)
    4. The LED will change its colour to the new bus type (blue if I2C, green if UART)
  5. Release the button

Powering the I2C Toggler

  • Via USB – just directly plug the I2C Toggler PCB into an USB port of a computer, USB charger or similar. Orientation does not matter, the I2C toggler can be used in all rotations.
  • Via the pin header connector using 3.3V-5V, e.g. to be used on a breadboard. Pin headers are not included and need to be soldered.