RTD3 Industrial Temperature Transmitter (RETIRED)

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If you have ever had to add an RTD module to a PLC, then you know firsthand just how complicated and expensive they can be. The RTD3 transmitter is designed to be a simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional RTD modules for PLCs. The RTD3 lets you connect and calibrate up to 3 temperature probes simultaneously.

Use your PLCs 4-20mA input to get the temperature readings.
The large display makes it easy to see the temperature and know which probe the reading is coming from.

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Reads: Temperature (up to 3 probes)
Full Range: -126 °C to 1,254 °C
Range with Atlas industrial probe: -55 °C to 220 °C
Accuracy: +/- 0.1 °C
Scale: °C or °F
Calibration: Single point @0 °C
Supported probes: Any type & brand PT-100 or PT-1000 RTD
Mount: 35mm Din rail
Output: 4 − 20mA
Operating voltage: 9VDC − 36VDC

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