RTD Temperature OEM™ Circuit (RETIRED)

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For those engineers tasked with mass-producing a device that needs accurate temperature sensing capabilities, the OEM-RTD is a quick and easy solution to a complex problem. This small 11×13 mm SMD component gives you the ability to accurately read from any class of 2, 3, or 4 wire platinum RTD probes and has a sensing range of -126.000 °C to +1,254 °C.

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RTD: Resistance Temperature Detector RTD
Reads: Temperature in °C
Range: -126.000 °C − 1254 °C
Resolution: 0.001
Accuracy: +/– (0.1 + 0.0017 x ̊C)
Response time: 1 reading every 420ms
Supported probes :Any type & brand PT-100 or PT-1000 RTD
Supported configuration: 2 wire, 3 wire or 4 wire RTD
Calibration: Single point
Data protocol: SMBus/I2C
Default I2C address: 0x68
Operating voltage: 3.3V − 5.5V
Data forma:t ASCII
Electrical Isolation: not needed
Circuit dimensions :11.1mm x 13.3mm (0.43″ x 0.52″)
Weight: 0.56 grams

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm





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