Lab Grade pH Probe (RETIRED)

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This Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH probe is their highest accuracy pH probe. The internal double junction lets you read the pH of protein rich solutions without damaging the probe. The green EXR glass tip makes pH sensing in highly pure water easy. The body is made of extruded epoxy giving it incredible resistance to strong acids and bases. This probe can read the pH of fuming nitric acid without a problem.

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Double junction  silver / silver chloride
Reads: pH
Range: 0 − 14
Resolution: +/- 0.001
Accuracy: +/- 0.002
Response time: 95% in 1s
Temperature range: °C -5 − 99 °C
Max pressure: 100 PSI
Max depth: 60m (197 ft)
Connector: Male SMA / Male BNC (optional)
Cable length: 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor: No
Time before recalibration: ~1 Year
Life expectancy: ~2.5 Years +

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