Micro ORP Kit

$ 295.10

The Atlas Scientific Micro-ORP Probe kit comes with everything you need to make an embedded microfluidics ORP monitoring system. This kit makes it easy to take calibrated, high accuracy readings from a micro-ORP probe.

The Atlas Scientific Micro-ORP Probe was designed for microfluidics and other small applications. Because the probe is so small, it had to be built as a half cell ORP probe. A ½ cell probe works just like a normal ORP probe, but it consists of two separate pieces, the working electrode, and the reference electrode. The supplied connector board merges the two halves into one, just like a normal ORP probe.

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This kit includes:

  • 1 EZO™ ORP Circuit
  • 1 Micro ORP probe
  • 1 Micro Reference probe
  • 1 125ml (4oz) ORP calibration solution
  • 1 125ml (4oz) ORP storage solution
  • 1 Half-Cell Isolated EZO™ Carrier Board