Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Probes (RETIRED)

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When you need long term readings from a probe that’s almost impossible to break, the Atlas Scientific Industrial Dissolved Oxygen probe is what you need. The probe holds a lot of electrolyte so it will last for a long time before needing reconditioning. The built-in PT-1000 temperature sensor and threaded body reduces the need for excess parts and makes it easy to install in a pipe.

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Reads: Dissolved Oxygen
Range: 0 − 100 mg/L
Accuracy: +/– 0.05 mg/L
Response time: ~0.1 mg/L/per sec
Temperature range: °C 1 − 99 °C
Max pressure: 100 PSI
Max depth: 60m (197 ft)
Connector: Tinned leads
Cable length: 3 Meters (10′)
Internal temperature sensor: Yes (PT-1000)
Time before recalibration: ~1 Year
Life expectancy: ~4 Years
Maintenance: ~18 Months




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Dimensions 25 × 11 × 6 cm

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