Industrial Conductivity Probe K1.0

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An industrial grade conductivity probe with a life expectancy of 10 years and integrated PT-1000 temperature sensor.

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  • K 1.0
  • 3/4″ NPT pipe thread on input and output side
  • Body material: CPVC, Graphite, Viton
  • Max Temperature: 100°C
  • Max PSI: 690 kPa (100PSI)
  • Cable length: 10 Ft
  • Weight: 504 grams
  • Integrated PT-1000 RTD Temperature probe

Range chart

EC-EZO™ / EC-OEM™: 5us – 200,000μs
IXIAN™: 1 – 25,000μs

How to connect the industrial conductivity probe

Not like our other conductivity probes, this industrial probe comes without a BNC connector. This is perfect if you have a IXIAN conductivity transmitter or any other industrial device with terminal screws to connect the probe.

If you want to use it on a Tentacle Isolation board (or any other device that expects a BNC connector), you’ll want to additionally buy our BNC connector with terminal screws. As this probe is actually a conductivity probe PLUS a PT-1000 temperature probe, you can connect it to an EZO EC circuit and an EZO RTD circuit simultaneously (see image below). Like this you can use all isolation boards that come with a BNC connector.

This industrial conductivity Probe can be fully
submerged in fresh water or salt water, up
to the tinned leads indefinitely.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 25 x 11 x 8.5 cm

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