Industrial Conductivity Probe K0.1

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The Atlas Scientific industrial conductive probe is designed for inline conductivity measurements. From industrial chemical processing to swimming pool monitoring, this probe can be used for just about anything. The 3/4″ female NPT threading and integrated PT-1000 temperature probe makes for simple installation and operation.

Because conductivity probes don’t have any electrolyte that gets depleted, they only need to be calibrated during installation.

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Reads: Conductivity
Range: 0.07 − 50,000 μS/cm
Accuracy: +/ – 2%
Response time: 90% in 1s
Temperature range: °C 0 − 110 °C
Max pressure: 200 PSI
Max depth: 141m (463 ft)
Connector: Tinned leads
Cable length: 3 meters (10′)
Pipe fitting: 3/4″ threaded NPT
Internal temperature sensor: Yes (PT-1000)
Time before recalibration: ~10 years
Life expectancy: ~10 years

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Dimensions 25 × 11 × 8.5 cm

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