EZO™ Universal Flow Meter Totalizer (RETIRED)

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Reading the signal from a flow meter is easy; until you actually try and do it. A few missed pulses here and there leads to massive inaccuracies over a relatively short time. To accurately read and totalize flow rate, a subsystem must be used that has been specifically designed to do just that (hint don’t use your CPU to totalize flow; it’s busy doing other things).

The EZO-Flow can read be used with your own pulsed D.C. flow meter, or it can be connected to one of the flow meters we offer.

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Reads: Total flow and flow rate
Preprogrammed: Works with all Atlas Scientific flow meters
Programmable: Can work with most off-the-shelf flow meters
Visual display: Real time turbine rotation
Data protocol: UART & I2C
Default I2C address: 104 (0x68)
Operating voltage: 3.3V − 5V
Data format: ASCII
Circuit dimensions: 13.97mm x 20.16mm (0.55″ x 0.79″)
Weight: 1.76 grams

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 cm

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