EZO-PMP-L™ Large Embedded Dosing Pump (RETIRED)

$ 242.31

The Atlas Scientific large dosing pump can move 7 times more liquid per minute
than our standard EZO pump. This pump is perfect for larger precision dosing applications. The pump has all the same features as our standard EZO pump. It’s just bigger and more powerful.

The EZO-PMP-L™ Large Embedded Dosing Pump comes with:

  • 1x large peristaltic pump with controller
  • 1x data cable
  • 1x 5 pin male header
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  • Flow rate: 10ml to 750ml/min
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%, +/-2ml
  • Modes of operation:
    • Continuous dispensing
    • Volume dispensing
    • Dose over time mode
    • Constant flow rate
    • Dispense at startup
  • Connector: 5 lead data cable
  • Calibration: Single point
  • Tubing size: Any 8mm O.D. tubing
  • Data protocol: UART & I2C
  • Default I2C address: 109 (0x6D)
  • Operating voltage:
    • 3.3V – 5V (logic)
    • 24V (motor)
  • Pump head: 10.3 meters (34′)
  • Data format: ASCII
  • Food safe: Yes

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