eTape liquid level sensor

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The eTape sensor is a solid state, continuous (multi-level) fluid level sensor for measuring levels in

  • water
  • non-corrosive water based liquids
  • dry fluids (powders).

Also available equipped with a Teflon (FEP) jacket for use in

  • chemical
  • petroleum
  • food-safe applications.

Fully assembled in a polycarbonate tube with potted cap, mounting holes and 3-pin connector – Can be used with an Arduino analog input. 

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Pinout 0-5V Output Module

  • Black: GND
  • Red: VCC
  • White: Vout

Vout can be read by any 5V compatible ADC, e.g. an Arduino analog in pin.

Pinout Voltage Divider

  • Black: GND
  • Red: VCC
  • White: RSense

Rsense (resistance across the white Rsense and red VCC lead) will vary depending on the level. Connect to your microcontrollers analog-in pin. The resistance range depends on the sensor length (see datasheet).

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 3 × 1 cm

Milone Technologies

Open Source



5" / 13cm, 8" / 20cm, 12" / 30cm, 24" / 60cm, 32" / 80cm


standard, chemical / food-safe

Output module

Voltage Divider, 0-5V Output