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End-of-summer news

It’s been a long and rainy summer here in central Europe – plenty of time to make some good progress with our products. We’ve had lots of achievements, read on to learn about the most important ones:

Watermelon IoT development board

We received prototypes of the watermelon. We’ve been testing it throughly during the last weeks. There’s still work todo, we’re not quite happy with the component layout yet. However the watermelon board performs well and runs very stable.
Hardware development progress 75%
[progress percentage=”75″ type=”progress” style=”progress-bar-info”]

Software development progress 50%
[progress percentage=”50″ type=”progress” style=”progress-bar-info”]

We’ve created a new juicy page for the Watermelon, it contains lots of fresh information about the board, be sure to check it out!

Tentacle Shield for Arduino

First of all, we renamed the shield – we’ve reworked our products naming altogether. Here comes the tentacle! We’ve had a setback with the quality of isolation on our prototypes and went back to the drawing board. A new batch of prototypes are being soldered as I type. We were able to reduce the shield by 20% compared to the first version. We’ve also created some gorgeous new silkscreen graphics for the production batch, have a look:

Tentacle Shield Silkscreen front
Tentacle Shield Silkscreen back


Hardware development progress 90%
[progress percentage=”90″ type=”progress”]

Software development progress 50%
[progress percentage=”50″ type=”progress”]

Check out all the fresh information on the new Tentacle page!

ooctopus the open micro-climate controller

The product concept formerly called “Aqua Libre” has moved into development stage and is now called ooctopus (open octopus)! We’ve finished our research, tested a lot of competitors products and now have a clear picture of what the ooctopus will be. We’ve started software development, and we’re soon ready for some beta-testers. We’ve also created a strategy for enclosure design and production – super hacking-friendly semi-soft silicone… You’ll love this! We’ll create some Arduino and PI versions of this enclosure too – but more on this early next year.

Hardware development progress 50%
[progress percentage=”50″ type=”progress” style=”progress-bar-info”]

Software development progress 10%
[progress percentage=”10″ type=”progress” style=”progress-bar-info”]

There’s a huge amount of new information about the ooctopus – of course we created a new page for it too!

New Website – again

Last but not least, we’ve created a new website, again! We hope you like it – feel free to leave your opinion as a comment.