About Us

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[heading header_type=”h1″ header_size=”hyper” header_weight=”hairline” header_align=”center” header_underline=”no-bordered-header”]Philosophy[/heading]

be open.

We truly believe in open technology and welcome everyone to fork our products to create their own – or to contribute to our projects. We don’t believe in patent efficiency or proprietary ecosystems, especially in the niche market of ours. Advantage by innovation!

be open, for real.

All our products are open source, CC BY-SA 4.0 licensed with no non-commercial use restrictions.

As long as you distribute the derivatives under the same license and give appropriate credit, you’re free to even create your own commercial products based on our stuff. No non-commercial use restrictions.

make hackable products.

Our products are designed to be hacked. While you can use them as they are, they’re also perfectly DIY-friendly. We know that we cannot think of all the use-cases you’ll want to use our products for. We invite you to open up the boxes, alter, exchange, add, remove things. The CAD sources are available so you can study, modify, distribute, make and even sell derivatives of our stuff. Go ahead, hack it and surprise us with your project!

make usable products.

All our products are designed with the user in mind. We focus on usability, user interface and interaction design. We strive to combine great usability and openness into great products.

Our products must be great to use for normal end-users, but we challenge ourselves to make them great for hackers, makers and tinkerers, too.

disrupt by being compatible.

Compatibility and interoperability between products and manufacturers is key to success for small manufacturers like us. This is especially true in the field of the Internet Of Things, but also in our main market of controlling and monitoring microhabitats. We can’t and don’t want to establish a closed commercial ecosystem around our products – instead, we’ll disrupt by being compatible.

do not hesitate to (legally) reverse-engineer.

The openness and extendability of our products results in great compatibility with existing frameworks, hardware, components, sensors, actuators and our competitor’s systems and products. Our goal is to be even compatible with competing proprietary systems. While we try to convince our competitors to open up their protocols and communication busses, we’ll not hesitate to reverse-engineer these in case of lacking cooperation.

make extensible products.

By building on well known and/or open standards, frameworks and communities we make it easy for you to extend our products features. This is true for our software, but even more so for the hardware. We know that many of you want more and different features in our products. You want to use our stuff for things we can’t even imagine. For sure we’ll not hold you back – we encourage you to extend our products capabilities by the many ways we made this possible.

go global.

We live in the age of cloud-based web services and ubiquitous connectivity with the world. Here at Whitebox Labs we live this new paradigm, we exploit the new possibilities of product development, fabrication and distribution. We develop globally, and fabricate locally. Also our products reflect this. Network connectivity is not an additional feature or module, on the contrary, it’s built-in from the start and everything else is built around it. For example with our ooctopus concecpt, we didn’t think about how to connect it to the web as an additional feature, but we thought about what’s needed to monitor and control an aquarium (terrarium, hydroponic garden or others) with a mobile device from all over the world.